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  TinsPlus is proud to be the first company in the USA to offer Permanent Pixelated Printing™. Our process allows for extremely low minimum orders and super quick delivery of your order. This revolutionary full color digital image process enables custom tin canisters and trays to be made in a way never before possible! Learn More  

Canister Terminology 101

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  Beads - The curves on both the lids and bodies add strength and stability to the structure. A bead going to the inside of a canister is called concave and a bead protruding out from the inside is called convex.
  Clasps and handles - Add a special touch to canisters by adding the special closing and holding mechanisms.
  Dimples - Small emboss and/or deboss on the body and lid help to hold the lid and body together.
  Drawn canister - These seamless canisters bodies are stamped and drawn from a single piece of metal.
  Folded style canister - A very special old world technique creates this hinged recipe canister with the lid and base being folded out of one piece of metal.
  Gasket seal - Screw top canister lid. This special food grade foam inside our special screw top metal canister lid allows for filling and vacuum sealing of your food, tobacco or other product.
  Hinged tins - Sometime hinges have pins, sometimes they are folded. Either one makes for a special canister.
  Mason-style plastic lid closure. Make your tin canister really unique by having a color customizable plastic lid made for your decorative tins.
  Metallic inks - This finish is created by not having a white undercoat beneath the printed colors.
  Multi-level embossing - Smooth contours are evident in this highly complex emboss; in this case enhanced by a single color of lithographic print. See also "embossing."
  Rolled in edge on lid and body - By having the body of the canister finish by rolling underneath it is possible to achieve a smooth finish on the entire outside of the canister body.
  Rolled out edge on lid and body - Rolling out the lid and body edges allows for the interior colors or lacquers of the inside metal to appear on the outside of the body, often enhancing the art.
  See through lid (see also window lid) - Our plastic window allows your customers to view the contents of the tins. The plastic windows can be clear or frosted and we can print a company name or logo directly on the canisters.
  Shot blast metal finish - A special type (more expensive) tin sheet has a random pattern instead of grains as is found on standard tin sheet.
  Skirt - The side edge of a lid between the top and the curled edge.
  Stacking fixture lid - By embossing the lid center panel lids can easily stack one on top of the other!
  Zipper canister - Permanently close and easily open, what could be better than a zipper canister. This is available in practically any shape you desire.

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