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  TinsPlus is proud to be the first company in the USA to offer Permanent Pixelated Printing™. Our process allows for extremely low minimum orders and super quick delivery of your order. This revolutionary full color digital image process enables custom tin canisters and trays to be made in a way never before possible! Learn More  

"What is Tin Sheet?"

Tin sheet is actually steel electrolytically coated with tin plate. Steel provides internal strength and structure, however, because iron is an ingredient in steel, it will rust if exposed to moisture. Tin, on the other hand is very soft and pliable but does not rust. By plating steel with tin, the best of both elements have been combined.

Tin sheet comes from the steel mills in roll form in a variety of widths and lengths. Depending on its’ ultimate use it either remains in rolls or gets slit into sheets for further processing. A majority of metal used in tin canister manufacturing uses sheets.

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